Dragnea, heard in the case of the Teleorman fictitious hiring. His ex-wife says she has paid the entire prejudice, asks for the trial to be stopped


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Chairman of the Social Democrat Party, Liviu Dragnea, is being heard for more than six hours at the Suprem Court in the file where is prosecuted for abetment to abuse of office and forgery related to the fictitious hiring at the Social Assistance Direction in Teleorman County.

Dragnea told the judge at today’s hearing that he is innocent and rejects all charges. The PSD chairman claims he hadn’t particularly known the two women hired at the Teleorman Social Assistance Direction and that he hadn’t either the authority to hire them there or at the party.

I understood the charges in the indictment. I totally reject them, as I consider myself innocent,” Dragnea told the judges.

He explained that he had no privileged relationship with these two women when he was leading the Teleorman County Council and the PSD Teleorman branch during 2006-2012 and that he had never had such an influence and the authority to manage and coordinate the social assistance direction in the county.
Dragnea also said he hadn’t known the two employees were not going to work at the direction, admitting though he used to see the two women at the party’s HQs.

Referring to the accusation that he would have determined the manger of the social assistance direction Floarea Alesu to maintain the two women hired, Dragnea said: “I strongly deny that”.

The SocDem chair stated that the anti-corruption indictment and the prosecutors’ charges are based on gossip, public rumors and “feeling”, referring to a word previously used by the prosecutor while addressing a question.

Dragnea also said he had heard lately talking in Alexandria, the capital city of Teleorman county that “the two women were promised they would have milder legal situations if they gave statements so that he should be incriminated”.

Other defandants heard today in the same file, including the women about whom prosecutors say they would have been fictitiously hired at the social assistance direction in Teleorman, have yet contradicted Dragnea’s statements. Asked why is that, PSD chairman answered: “I told the truth, I don’t know if they made such statements“.

Dragnea has been ‘welcomed’ be several ‘#resist’ protesters. More gendarmes have been deployed to the High Court of Cassation and Justice HQs.

Dragnea and his former wife, Bombonica Prodana are investigated for abuse of office in this case. Dragnea is accused of arranging that some members of the Teleorman PSD branch should be hired at the county Social Assistance Direction, without actually working there.

Dragnea’s ex-wife covers the prejudice

The Social Democrat chair’s ex-wife was not present at today’s hearing, but she has asked judges through her lawyer to stop the criminal case against her, arguing she had entirely paid the prejudice in this case. Yet, Bombonica Prodana’s defender said that she is not necessarily admitting charges by having covered the prejudice, but it means that she wants the trial against her should cease.

Asked if he is upset with his former wife’s move to pay the prejudice, Liviu Dragnea said: “I am not upset, it’s her business. She hasn’t consulted me. I only heard this morning”.

The Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) has rejected in the summer last year the objection of unconstitutionality raised by Bombonica Prodana, former wife of PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, regarding the lack of a threshold for damages regarding the abuse of office, stating that it is not its duty to decide, recommending Parliament to set such a threshold.

Bombonica’s lawyer argued in court back then that the prejudice in his client’s case is less than EUR 50,000 and would not fall under criminal incidence. Based on that, the lawyers of all defendants in this case, including Dragnea’s, requested the notification of the Constitutional Court.

Prosecutors say that during July 2006-December 2012, Liviu Dragnea, as leader of the Teleorman county council and the leader of the PSD county branch, made the former executive director of the Social Assistance Direction in Teleorman County, on purpose, to break her office duties and maintain and pay two women employed in her institution. In fact, the two women were not working there, but at the party organization.

Overall, the two women had received RON 108,612 as salary rights.

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