ECHR: Two new sentences against Romania for violating the rights of Turkish community and in a file concerning the Revolution

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The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) condemned Romania on Tuesday for violating the rights of the Turkish community, which could not take part to the 2008 general elections.
The Association of Turkish ethnics could not participate in the elections because of a law introduced seven months before parliamentary elections in November 2008, writes Anadolu Agency.
The law requires groups not represented in Parliament to have foundation status in order to participate in elections.
ECHR found that the provision resulted in “automatic disqualification of opposition parties and coalitions which benefit from enough popular support and is beneficial for political formations in power”.
ECHR judges reached a unanimous verdict that this law is “incompatible with democratic order and undermines citizens’ trust in public authorities of their country.”
Romania has infringed thus those articles of the European Convention on Human Rights prohibiting discrimination and guaranteeing free elections.
Also, Romania was convicted again on Tuesday at European Court of Human Rights for the lack of effective investigation into a file during the Revolution, and has pay EUR 15,000 to the widow of a man killed in his house by a bullet that went through the window.
Catalina Filip complained to the ECHR in 2009 about the investigation on her husband’s death, which occurred on December 25, 1989, in Bucharest.
The investigation was opened in 1990 by the Bucharest Military Prosecutor, the file was connected in 2007 to another file about acts of violence committed in Bucharest in December 1989. The investigation wasn’t completed in 2009, when she addressed the ECHR.
The Strasbourg Court ruled that the Romanian state is to pay the applicant the sum of EUR 15,000 for lack of effective investigation regarding her husband’s death, breach of Article 2 (right to life) of the European Convention on Human Rights.

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