Elena Udrea, placed under new preventive arrest….in Bute Gala case. Former husband reports her, Blaga


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The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday to place Elena Udrea under a new 30-day preventive arrest in the “Bute Gala” file. She is to be imprisoned again in the Bucharest Police arrest center.

Elena Udrea left the ICCJ (Supreme Court), where he made some statements on Wednesday morning, saying she would wait at home the court’s decision on preventive arrest requested by the DNA prosecutors in the ‘Bute Gala’ file, adding that she was aware her former husband Dorin Cocos had financed PDL campaigns.

Asked if she imagined such days would come, Udrea said that “when you go into politics, you have in view all kinds of days.”

“I’m already arrested,” she told the journalists. Asked also if it is important to get support from former President Traian Basescu, Elena Udrea said “it matters very much that many people support me and it matters that the former President is supportive”.O

On the other day, the bomb of the day comes from Elena Udrea’s former husband, Dorin Cocos, currently serving a pre-trial arrest in the illegal retrocessions file and a home arrest in the Microsoft file, reported Udrea and Vasile Blaga, former leader of the Democrat Liberal Party, at the National Anti-corruption Directorate. More precisely, ‘Libertatea’ local daily informs that Cocos would have written in his denunciation that he would have been asked to pay EUR 3 M products for PDL in the  2009 electoral campaign to receive support for the Microsoft file course, mentioning that he was supported in this action by Vasile Blaga and Elena Udrea.

“I specify that I have personally supported 2009 electoral campaign to get the Government’s support for the Microsoft contract progress. In this respect, I was supported by Vasile Blaga and Elena Udrea. In a discussion with Vasile Blaga, I was informed that I must pay the counter value of the products enclosed in the above-mentioned list (?), and they tell me the sum amounts to approximately EUR 3 M,” Cocos claims in his denunciation, quoted by Libertatea.

“I must say that Elena Udrea was familiar with my actions in the view of Microsoft licenses contract and knew about the money, and as I previously said, she offered her support within the Government. Vasile Blaga knew about that and he, too supported the contract’s progress,” the document also reveals.

Businessman Cocos would have also told prosecutors that he used the money he received as bribe from ex-tennis player  Dinu Pescariu to buy, together with Elena Udrea half of Grivita Hotel. “With the money received in the account from Dinu Pescariu I bought, as natural person, together with my former wife, Elena Udrea, half of Grivita Hotel. We had a quarter of the hotel each and we are both still possessing those shares.”

“I do not know the circuit of the money from the Communications Ministry to the final beneficiaries. But I can say that part of this money got to Dinu Pescariu who made the payments to us,” the document also discloses.

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