Elena Udrea to be extradited in Romania


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Former Minister Elena Udrea will be extradited to Romania. It is the decision taken today by the Sofia Court of Appeal.

Leaving the Court of Appeal, Udrea reiterated that pressure had been put on Bulgarian judges. “There seems to be no justice for me,” she said. Udrea has to serve a 6-year prison sentence in the “Gala Bute” case.

I’ll have a message in the coming days for those who made pressures on the judges, but also for the judges who accepted these pressures. Pressured have been mad on judges for the April 7 ruling”, Udrea said.

During the last hearing, Elena Udrea asked the judges to reject the extradition due to “all the abuses and violations of the law” committed against her, writes Libertatea.

“Secondly, I have 20 years of politics and I am not afraid, but I am the mother of a three-year-old child and I cannot take into account that if I am in a state of such pressure and abuse, I am in a state of anything. What’s at stake? I do not know. There is this reality of an unequal trial and against my physical integrity, please reject it“, said Udrea in front of the Bulgarian magistrates.

Elena Udrea has been under arrest in Bulgaria for more than a month, and a court has already ruled in favor of extradition on April 19. Elena Udrea appealed, which was tried by the Court of Appeal.

In June 2018, Elena Udrea was sentenced in the “Gala Bute” case to 6 years in prison for committing bribery and abuse of office. At the time, she was in Costa Rica, where she had sought political asylum. In October 2018, she was detained by Interpol in Costa Rica, where she was imprisoned. In December 2018, she was released, following the decision of the Constitutional Court, which ruled that the panels of 5 judges of the supreme court are illegal.

She was convicted again, but had left the country before the court handed down her sentence. She was found in Bulgaria, and the Romanian authorities requested her extradition.

According to the procedure, the Romanian Police, in collaboration with the Bulgarian authorities, must establish a date for the surrender of Elena Udrea and the takeover under escort by the Romanian judicial authorities. The Romanian police would take Udrea from Ruse and bring her to the country to be imprisoned.

After being brought to Romania, Udrea could serve her sentence at the Women’s Penitentiary in Tîrgșor (Prahova). She was also imprisoned there in the spring of 2015, after being remanded in custody in the “Gala Bute” case.

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  1. Mr Rearguard says

    Elena thinks she should be excused of all criminal activities because she has a 3 year old child?

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