Ex-District 3 mayor Liviu Negoiță prosecuted for abuse of office

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Former District 3 mayor Liviu Negoiță is being heard by the anti-corruption prosecutors in a file targeting the construction of a block of flats in a historically protected area in Bucharest. The secretary of the District 3 City Hall, Marius Mihăiță, but also  the chief architect, Ștefan Dumitrașcu were subpoenaed for hearings at the National Anti-corruption Directorate on Friday.

After the hearings, the prosecutors announced that Negoiță, along with Ștefan Dumitrașcu și Marius Mihăiță, are to be prosecuted for two crimes of abuse of office, if the public servant obtained an undue benefit for himself or for somebody else.

The case was opened following a complaint filed by the “Save Bucharest” association led by Nicușor Dan, in 2014.

“The charges are abuse of office and destruction. They gave four consecutive building permits for this construction on 94 Calea Dudești. They issued these permits for five floors, seven floors, eight floors and finally for nine floors, when in fact, in the end, a ten-floor building was erected. We filed the complaint as the court had already ruled against the legality of the five-floor or seven-floor buildings on the ground that they are too tall compared to the standard of height in the area. Three days after the court ruling, they gave a new permit for nine floors. The building is near a house which is ranked as a historical monument,” Nicușor Dan argued.

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