Ex-district mayor sentenced to 8 years in prison

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Former District 6 mayor Cristian Poteras was sentenced to eight years in prison following Bucharest Court of Appeal issued a final ruling in this case on Friday. Poteras was prosecuted for abuse of office regarding the release of title deeds for some lands within built-up areas. Other six public servants have been also sentenced in this file. The mayor and the clerks are to be imprisoned.

The decision is the more striking as the District 6 Court had acquitted the mayor last year.

Bucharest Court of Appeal also ruled that the title deeds issued by the mayor should be annulled. The same court ordered important sums of money to be seized from the persons who illegally received those title deeds.

More precisely Marian Jean Capatana must give back EUR 20 million, representing the price obtained from the sale of two premises in Bucharest’s district 6. Ion Nicolae Berendea must give back EUR 810,000 for selling a 1,000-sm land in the same district.

Cristian Poteras was prosecuted for abuse of office in March 2011, while he was still district 6 mayor. He was member of the Democrat Liberal Party and subsequently he became Liberal after PDL merged with PNL in 2014. In early March this year, Poteras resigned from the position of co-president of PNL district 6 branch.


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