Ex-minister Elena Udrea, prosecuted in several corruption files, left to Athens

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Former Tourism minister Elena Udrea, currently prosecuted in several corruption files, has missed the hearing on Thursday in the file where she is charged with illegally financing the 2009 electoral campaign. Her lawyer confirmed that Udrea had left to Greece, in Athens.

Alexandru Chiciu, Udrea’s defender, told Hotnews.ro that the former minister is in Athens. The lawyer said the hearing had been postponed because another defendant had no lawyer.

Mrs. Udrea has filed some documents in court proving she cannot appear before judges for a certain period of time. Last night she confirmed to me she is in Athens,” said Udrea’s defender.

The information she has left abroad stirred various comments in the media, so Udrea retorted on Facebook, arguing it’s her right to travel, as she has no restrictions, accusing that some journalists are reporting “upon orders”.

“Some could not sleep and after midnight started to spread <on sources> that <Elena Udrea has left the country!!!>.

So, what? So what if <I have left the country>? What is that is fussing you so much that you cannot sleep at night because of me? Or have you received orders to get off your diapers and start complaining on the Internet? <I have left the country> many times before and I will keep on <leaving> it whenever it’s needed. It’s my business if I leave on vacation or for businesses. The same as if I went to Costa Rica to visit Alina Bica or walked in Paris with her, it’s strictly our business. P.S. Those who wanted to know where I have been these days, could easily find out, it’s no secret, it’s even official information,” Udrea posted on Facebook.

However, the other day Udrea also gave some statements to the journalists, retorting to the news that she had been expelled from Orthodox Theology Faculty of the “Babes-Bolyai” University in Cluj-Napoca. Udrea argued that, with all the files she is investigated in, had no time to go to classes and study.

The former Democrat Liberal Tourism minister, investigated in several corruption files, has been expelled from the Orthodox Theology Faculty of the “Babes-Bolyai” University in Cluj-Napoca, where she had signed up in 2016 for a master course in Pastoral Counseling and Psychosocial Assistance, as she hasn’t come to take any examination.

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