Ex-president of the National Prognosis Commission, criminally prosecuted for allegedly forging official papers


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Former president of the National Prognosis Commission, Ion Ghizdeanu, coordinator of the Development Fund created by Liviu Dragnea and Darius Valcov, is criminally investigated under judicial control for forgery in continued form, the Prosecutor’s Office upon District 1 Court has officially announced today.

Prosecutors say that Ghizdeanu would have forged over 1,000 records that were necessary to the city halls to obtain money through the Development Fund created by the former PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea and ex-Finance minister Darius Valcov.

Ghizdeanu is accused that, during September 2019 and October 2019, in his capacity of president of the National Prognosis Commission, has forged several records, by deceitfully mentioning that the members of the evaluation committees of the development projects had convened, reviewed and proposed 1,080 for approval.

In fact, the members of the committee have never met and have made no review for those projects.

Ion Ghizdeanu has been placed under judicial control for 60 days pending trial.

Mass media reported that through this controversial Development Fund set up by Dragnea and Valcov state funds would have reached PSD mayors (in 80% of the cases). Ghizdeanu was dubbed as the key man of PSD in allotting the state money.

On Thursday morning, several searches took place across 17 city halls in Romania in this file, while Ghizdeanu was heard by prosecutors.

For instance, policemen from Olt county conducted 6 searches at 6 city halls and companies owned by local businessmen, under the suspicions that the local authorities bought urban furniture but, actually they did not receive it.

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