Ex-presidential aide Scutaru, Chamber’s deputy speaker Motreanu, sent to court in a bribery file


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Anti-corruption prosecutors on Monday decided to sent former presidential aide George Scutaru and Dan Motreanu, Chamber’s deputy speaker to court in a bribery file regarding the financing of the electoral campaign.

George Scutaru, now subject to legal restrictions pending file, former deputy at that time and Dan Motreanu, lawmaker and party leader have been indicted for money laundering, next to Ana Maria Schaer, administrator of a private company.

According to the National Anti-corruption Directorate, in 2008 a high-ranking local leader, indicter in this case, pretended and took from another person about 1 million euros as bribe in exchange for supporting the latter to be given some plots of land in Buzau county.

“Out of EUR 700,000, received by the indicter, he also gave EUR 170,000 to George Scutaru and EUR 250,000 to Dan Motreanu, according to a previous deal. The money was granted with the same aim, namely to finance the 2008 electoral campaign of the candidates in the party the two of them belonged (editor note: the National Liberal Party). To hide the origin of the money, Scutaru, Motreanu and Schaer set up a fictitious financial mechanism, using justificatory documents that were not compliant with the reality,” reads the DNA press release. More precisely, about RON 1,200,000 were transferred in several tranches by Schaer’s company to another company that made clothes used as electoral items.

Prosecutors seized some of Scutaru’s and Motreanu’s mobile and immobile assets to cover the prejudice of RON 1.2m.

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