Ex-PSD leader Viorel Hrebenciuc sentenced to 3 yrs in prison

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Former Social Democratic deputy and leader Viorel Hrebenciuc was sentenced, on Tuesday, to 3 years in prison with execution in the Giga TV case in a final ruling by the Bucharest Court of Appeal. Along with him, Gheorghe Ştefan “Pinalti”, former chief  of National Audiovisual Council (CNA) Laura Corina Georgescu, as well as Narcisa Iorga, former member of CNA, also received convictions.

The Bucharest Court of Appeal rejected on Tuesday, as unfounded, the appeals filed by the defendants Laura Corina Georgescu, Viorel Hrebenciuc and Gheorghe Ştefan. Viorel Hrebenciuc was sentenced to 3 years in prison with execution. Gheorghe Ştefan’s sentence was increased from 3 years and 9 months in prison to 4 years and 6 months in prison.

Laura Georgescu, former head of the NAC, was sentenced to 4 years and 4 months in prison.

Regarding Narcisa Iorga, the court ordered the suspension under supervision of the execution of the sentence of 3 years imprisonment during a probation period of 5 years.

The decision of the Bucharest Court of Appeal is final.

Viorel Hrebenciuc was investigated because, according to the investigators at the time of the trial, he was involved in determining CNA officials to reconsider their decision to withdraw the license of Giga TV – controlled by the former mayor of Piatra Neamţ, Gheorghe Ştefan. Narcisa Iorga was prosecuted by anti-corruption prosecutors for allegedly suggesting to the mayor of Piatra-Neamţ, Gheorghe Ştefan, how to obtain a license and whom to turn to for this, nominating deputy Viorel Hrebenciuc.

Laura Georgescu was accused of abuse of office and instigating forgery in privately signed documents, and Viorel Hrebenciuc was prosecuted for the use of influence or authority by a person holding a leadership position in a party in order to obtain self or other money, goods or other undue benefits.

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