Ex-PSD mastermind Viorel Hrebenciuc released on parole, leaves prison after serving less than one third of jail time


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Former Social Democrat deputy Viorel Hrebenciuc will be released from the penitentiary, following the decision taken on Wednesday by the judges of the Ilfov Tribunal.

The judges ruled that he could be released on parole in a case in which he had been sentenced to three years in prison last September, in the Giga TV case. He served only 10 months of his 3-year prison sentence. The judges took into account his advanced age and his behavior in prison.

Initially, Hrebenciuc had received an unfavorable decision at the District 4 Court, but the Ilfov Tribunal ordered his earlier release from prison. The two judges of the panel from the Ilfov Tribunal had divergent opinions regarding Hrebenciuc’s case, so that a third magistrate entered the panel, who tipped the scales in favor of the release of the former deputy.

Former Social Democratic mastermind Viorel Hrebenciuc was sentenced, on September 14, 2021, to 3 years in prison with execution in the Giga TV case in a final ruling by the Bucharest Court of Appeal. Along with him, Gheorghe Ştefan “Pinalti”, former chief of National Audiovisual Council (CNA) Laura Corina Georgescu, as well as Narcisa Iorga, former member of CNA, also received convictions.

Viorel Hrebenciuc  had been sentenced for abuse of office in this file. According to the investigators at the time of the trial, he was involved in determining CNA officials to reconsider their decision to withdraw the license of Giga TV – controlled by the former mayor of Piatra Neamţ, Gheorghe Ştefan. Narcisa Iorga was prosecuted by anti-corruption prosecutors for allegedly suggesting to the mayor of Piatra-Neamţ, Gheorghe Ştefan, how to obtain a license and whom to turn to for this, nominating deputy Viorel Hrebenciuc.

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