Ex-Unifarm manager prosecuted for abuse of office in a face masks procurement case

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Former Unifarm manager Adrian Ionel has been placed under judicial control pending trial in a second file related to public procurement during COVID-19 pandemic. Anti-corruption prosecutors say that he would have signed a RON 4.49 M contract to purchase 1.5 million face masks. Later on, only two days after the contract had been sealed, Ionel would have paid RON 3,599,988 to the company that was supposed to deliver the protection masks, representing a prepayment of the total value of the contract.

However, the company has delivered no mask up to the present, and it hasn’t paid back the money either after the contract had been denounced.

The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) has announced today that Adrian Ionel is prosecuted and under judicial control for 60 days for abuse of office when the public servant has obtained an undue benefit.

This is the second file for Adrian Ionel, after a first one where the anti-corruption prosecutors had investigated him for pretending a bribe of EUR 760,000 for purchasing protection equipment against COVID-19 virus (250,000 jumpsuits and 3 million surgical masks) in early March.

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