Final jail sentence for ex-Economy minister in Hidroeletrica case

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The High Court of Cassation and Justice gave a final ruling on Monday in the case of former Economy minister Codruț Seres and his involvement in Hidroelectrica case. Seres has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Five judges upon the Supreme Court dismissed the former minister’s appeal and maintained the sentence of the first court ruled in March 2014.

Seres was prosecuted by Organized Crime and Terrorism prosecutors in September 2011, for allegedly hiding the illegal actions of Hidroelectrica state-owned company’s leadership that caused damages of about USD 165 M. In the indictment file, prosecutors had charged Seres also with plot and undermining the national economy. Six former Hidroelectica managers have also been sentenced to jail in this file.

Codrut Seres is currently serving the sentence of 4 years and 8 months in prison with execution given last year in what was called the strategic privatizations’ file.

Another ex-minister Zsolt Nagy received a sentence of four years, the highest penalty going to Bulgarian Stamen Stanchev, who will spend five years and two months in prison.

The panel of five judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice actually reduced the penalty received by the former Economy Minister Codrut Seres, from six years to four years and eight months in prison with execution for treason by secrets’ disclosure.

The same goes for Zsolt Nagy, former Minister of Communications and Information Technology, whose penalty was reduced from five years to four years in prison with execution for joining a criminal group.

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