First prosecutor in Botosani detained for blackmail and instigation

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First prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Botosani Tribunal, Raluca Stancescu, was detained for 24 hours for several deeds, including blackmail, abetment in favouring offender and disclosure of office secret information, DNA informed on Friday.

Raluca Stancescu was apprehended on Thursday night by the anti-corruption prosecutors within DNA Suceava.

According to the investigators, in October 2015, Raluca Stancescu together with other person, Catalin Stavara, also detained, “has exerted mental pressure on a person”, using her position of first prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office upon Botosani Tribunal.

More precisely, Stancescu and Stavara tried to make a person give up his property right over two houses (a studio and an apartment) in Botosani in favour of one of Stavara’s relatives.

“By mentally pressuring that person, defendants Raluca Stancescu and Catalin Stavara aimed at inducing him a fear feeling, threatening he will face criminal repercussion if he refuses to give up the property rights,” says DNA. Prosecutors say that the person was threatened that he and the members of his family will be criminally investigated for alleged crimes of tax evasion and human trafficking.

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