First sentence in Colectiv file postponed for December 16

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Buchares Tribunal has postponed the first sentence in the high-sounding Colectiv file for December 16. During the last hearing, prosecutors asked for maximum prison sentences for those 13 defendants, meaning from 12 to 15 years behind bars for each of them.

Four years after the tragic fire of October 30, 2015 in Colctiv nightclub, that killed 64 people and mutilated other 150, the magistrates were expected to pronounce a first ruling today, December 9.

The file was blocked for two years due to procedures issues. 13 people were prosecuted and sent to court: the former District 4 mayor, Cristian Popescu Piedone,  three employees of the district 4 town hall, Aurelia Iofciu, Larisa Luminita Ganea, Ramona Sandra Motoc, the owners of the Colectiv club, Alin Anastasescu, Paul Gancea and Costin Mincu, two firefighters, Antonina Radu and George Petrica Matei, and the representatives of the fireworks company, owners Daniela Niță and Cristian Niță and bomb techs Viorel Zaharia and Marian Moise.

Anti-corruption prosecutors have also asked judges to compel the defendants to pay the costs of the rescuers’ operation on the night of the tragedy. The two firemen are also forced to pay the moral compensations required by the victims’ families. The seizure of RON 62,000, meaning the profit obtained by the Colectiv club, was also asked.

The Bucharest Tribunal’s ruling is not final, it can be challenged by appeal to the Bucharest Court of Appeal.

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