Four Romanians broke into a casino in Germany

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Four Romanians broke into a casino in Hamburg, wherefrom they stole more than USD 10,000, but they are caught by the German authorities on the basis of information submitted by the Bucharest Police.

According to a press release from the Bucharest Police, Romanian police had information that as of May 2016, the four men, aged between 32 and 40 years, are dealing with thefts from homes and companies, with data that they were fast travellers, acting both in Bucharest and in other cities, but aiming to operate also abroad.

Thus, based on information provided by the General Directorate of Bucharest Police, the German authorities undertook the surveillance of the men who were cought during the night of July 10-11 by blocking their car in the traffic shortly after they broke into a casino, where they stole money from electronic gambling machines and a metallic safe.

The four Romanians were arrested and are being investigated for other crimes committed in a similar mode in Germany.

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