Fugitive businessman Sebastian Ghita seen on a beach in Greece, media report

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Former tycoon and Social Democrat MP, Sebastian Ghiță, who fled to Serbia in 2016 to get rid of the arrest in Romania, has been seen next to his family and friends in Mykonos, one of the most expensive travel destinations in the Aegean Sea, Greece, a destination preferred by the richer tourists, Libertatea newspaper reports, while also releasing several photos featuring Ghita, sent by readers.

Surrounded by around 20 people, family, children and friends, Ghita was seen at the beach on Friday, and on the terrace of another beach in Greece on Sunday. Wearing shorts, white shirt and barefoot in the sand, the tycoon (owner of Asesoft IT company and of Romania TV) was seen talking and having a glass of wine.

Later on, Ghita moved to a table near the sea, surrounded by people partying. Sebastian Ghiță’s brother, Alexandru Ghita, was also seen in Greece. Alexandru Ghiță was prosecuted for tax evasion by the anti-corruption prosecutors last year.

Sebastian Ghiţă has been in Serbia since 2016 when he fled Romania to get away with the prison sentence he received in several criminal files. He was under judicial control when he fled in December 2016 and he was banned from leaving the country.

He was arrested by the Serbian Police in 2017 for driving with fake driving license, but he was released on bail.

At some point after that, Ghita announced he had got political asylum in Serbia.

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