General Prosecutor’s Office closes the file of the ex-Police officer who put Gerota Hospital in quarantine


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Ex-Police officer, among the first Romanians infected with COVID-19 in March, who lied the doctors at Gerota Hospital in Bucharest that he had been abroad and who would have infected tens of other people, members of his own family and doctors and nurses from the hospital, has got rid of his criminal file. Prosecutors claimed that they could not establish for sure “with scientific proof the circumstances where the infected person had got infected and if he had been or not the source of infection among the medical staff at Gerota Hospital.”

Investigators established that no other person among those 80 who traveled in the plane together with the retired officer had been confirmed with Sars-Cov-2 virus, so they ruled out that the man had been infected during his trip to Israel.

Prosecutors have also closed the inquiry for the charge of false statements as the former officer had hidden the fact he had traveled to Israel. Investigators argued that, at the time when the patient was admitted to Gerota Hospital and when he filled out the necessary forms, Israel was not on the list of states where the virus had a generalized spread, so he was not compelled to declare where he had traveled.

The 60yo man, a retired police officer working in the District 4 public administration at that time, had traveled to Israel at the end of February and he lied about that when he developed symptoms and was admitted to Gerota Hospital in early March.

later on that month, the Prosecutor’s Office upon the District 2 Court opened a criminal file against the man for foiling disease prevention, a crime stipulated by article 352 of the Criminal Code.

His case was very serious, with tens of people getting infected from him, including his son, his pregnant daughter-in-law and his 3yo grandson.

Sources told mass media back then that his 32-year-old son is working at the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI).

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