Hexi Pharma manager placed under house arrest

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The District 5 Court overruled on Saturday the request of the General Prosecution Office to have Hexi Pharma general manager placed under pre-trial detention, ordering her under house arrest instead. The decision is not final, but Dinu was released from police custody.

Flori Dinu has been taken on remand on Friday night, for 24 hours, by the prosecutors with the General Prosecutor’s office in the case of diluted disinfectants used in hospitals.

According to the General Prosecutor’s office, Flori Dinu is charged with 99 counts of continued fraud and 29 counts of simple fraud, as well as improper participation in hindering disease control.

The General Prosecution Office claims that the Hexi Pharma general manager, who was mainly responsible for the company’s sales activity, acting at the instigation of company owner Dan Condrea and knowing that the products do not meet the specifications of the labels, coordinated the entire staff involved in the promotion of the products and mediated the negotiation and conclusion of supply contracts, misleading the representatives of medical facilities that purchased the products.

The crimes were perpetrated by fraudulent means, represented by the labels of the non-compliant products and the offers sent to the deceived companies, directly or through the portal e-licitatii.ro, the General Prosecution Office informs in a release. The damage mounts to RON 28 million, representing the non-compliant products supplied under contracts concluded between June 2012 — April 2016 by the company under suspicion and numerous health care facilities.

The Hexi Pharma production manager, Mihail Leva was also prosecuted in this file, being charged with complicity to improper participation in hindering disease control. Leva is to be investigation under judicial control, meaning he is subject to legal restriction pending trial.

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