High Court Chairman refers CSAT regarding the pressure on Justice before releasing heavy solutions: There’s general paranoia in society

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The Chairman of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court), Cristina Tarcea, has accused on Thursday that pressure is being laid on Justice, at a time when “the courts have to release sentences in heavy files” and has announced that she will notify the Supreme Defence Council of the Country (CSAT) and the Judicial Inspectorate.

Tarcea has announced the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) plenary that she has also received a petition from Cristian Terhes, the president of the Romanian Community Coalition, in which she is accused of having participated in meetings in Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) conspiracy houses and that the information is notorious among the magistrates, ziare.com reports.

“I do not know if you will respond to this request, which in normal circumstances should be ignored, but precisely because we are witnessing an appalling manipulation, which is aimed at manipulating the act of justice, I announce that today I will refer the CSAT and the Judicial Inspectorate on to these statements!,” the ICCJ head said.

“It is time to end these claims with no legal support, and those who make them to bear the consequences,” Tarcea added, who believes that “we are in a society characterized by a general paranoia, where anyone can say anything that can shadow the act of justice, by slandering some people. These things reflect on the ICCJ image and on the judges, who have to make tough decisions during that time.”

Tarcea claims she has never been to conspiracy homes, as she is accused.

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