High Court president accuses political attacks against justice, refers to Liviu Dragnea’s interests

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The president of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ-Romania’s Supreme Court) has denounced political attacks against the judiciary system. Cristina Tarcea has referred on Wednesday to the interests of the Chamber of Deputies speaker, Liviu Dragnea, during the sitting at the Supreme Court of Magistracy where she has come to address a judiciary procedure opened against her by the Judiciary Inspection.

Tarcea said that the disciplinary action against her is “an abuse”.

We have heard about abuses lately. We must look very closely to all institutions that commit abuses. Do you remember the political statements in August and September last year claiming that the Supreme Court is refusing to enforce the law? Do you remember the direct interest of the Chamber speaker in the establishment of the five-judge panels?,” the High Court head said.

Moreover, Tarcea gave journalists several pages saying that the disciplinary action against her “is obviously political” and comes amid actions to undermine the judiciary system under the pretext of reform.

The Tarcea also stated that the disciplinary procedure against her is needed because the ICCJ president can be revoked only in case of inappropriate management or following a disciplinary action.

Moreover, Cristian Tarcea revealed that she had discussed with the president of the Constitutional Court, Valer Dorneanu, about the 5-judge panels and that their meeting had taken place in a a room that was so dark that at the end she took Dorneanu’s coat by mistake.

I discussed with Mr. Valer Dorneau about the five-judge panels, shortly after the ruling that ascertained the constitutional conflict. The only thing I can tell you now is I was asked to leave my phone in antechamber during the discussion, the talk took place in the dark, it was so dark that in the end I took Mr. Dorneanu’s coat by mistake”, Tarcea said.

Asked what the CCR head wanted, she replied: “A justification of the CCR ruling on the five-judge panels”.

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