Iasi mayor Mihai Chirica indicted in a DIICOT file

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The Liberal mayor of Iasi (former PSD), Mihai Chirica is defendant in a DIICOT file, probing into a fraud with a plot of land belonging to Iasi City Hall. Lawyers, notaries and public servants are also involved, judicial sources told Hotnews.ro. It is the second criminal file against the mayor of Iasi.
The sources revealed that Mihai Chirica had been heard at DIICOT for several hours and is defendant for the crime of omitting to notify the judicial bodies.

Four people, the owner of local newspaper “Buna Ziua Iasi”,Claudiu Asimionesei, the former chief architect of the Iasi City Hall, Alexandru Mustiaţă, a notary and a public servant have been detained by the organized crime prosecutors following searches conducted at the Iasi City Hall’s offices on Monday.

Other seven people, including the deputy mayor Gabriel Harabagiu, the current city manager of Iasi, are placed under judicial control.

According to DIICOT, in 2016, several people set up a organized criminal group in the view of illegally obtaining a plot of land from Iasi City Hall’s patrimony, where they built a block of flats. The estimated prejudice mounts to RON 2 million.

The judiciary sources disclosed it is a plot of land downtown Iasi, which would have been given in by the local administration to Asimionesei family with the obligation of building a guest house and an  office building there. Asimionesei family, which owns the “Bună Ziua Iaşi” newspaper, would have built a block of flats on that plot of land instead.

USR-PLUS organization in Iasi asks PNL to withdraw Chirica’s political endorsement

The Iasi organization of USR-PLUS asked the National Liberal Party (PNL) to strip Mihai Chirica of political endorsement after the mayor had been indicted in the corruption file involving notaries, lawyers and public servants. USR-PLUS asked PNL chairman Ludovic Orban to suspend Chirica form all political positions and to “delimit himself from this creepy character”. “Only Orban can clean up the Iasi PNL organization, considering that it is led by another person who has legal problems, Costel Alexe.
USR-PLUS co-chairperson, deputy Cosette Chichirău, argued that the real estate mafia from Iasi will be beheaded and the city will be brought back to normal.
“I also ask Mr. Chirica to immediately resign. Iasi needs a mayor to take care of the city, not of criminal files,” Cosette Chichirău posted on Facebook.

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