Inquiry committee on 2009 elections complains to JusMin about Kovesi’s denial to come for hearings

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The chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate, Laura Codruta Kovesi didn’t show up at the inquiry committee that investigates the 2009 elections, so the committee decided to send Justice minister a letter informing minister Tudorel Toader that the anti-corruption head had repeatedly refused to come for hearings. The committee also calls on the minister to ask Kovesi to observe the Constitutional Court’s decision.

As the CCR also says, we cannot establish sanctions, the final decision belongs to the minister of Justice,” said Oana Florea, the chairwoman of the committee.

As for Kovesi, she had said in a letter to the committee on Tuesday that she has no information and documents to clarify the circumstances of the events investigated by the committee.

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