Israeli billionaire and the head of cabinet of former PM Yitzhak Rabin, involved in Truica file. Dan Andronic, self-suspended from ‘EVZ’ management. Prince Paul arrives at DNA Brasov


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Israeli billionaire Benjamin Steinmetz and political consultants Tal Silberstein and Shimon Sheves, the latter being the chief of staff to former Israeli Prime Minister Yizhak Rabin, are to be investigated in the file of illegal restitution involving businessman Remus Truica and several accomplices.
Businessman Remus Truică, general manager of the daily ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ Dan Andronic, lawyer Robert Rosu, Marius Marcovici – former adviser to Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu and businessman Claudiu Mateescu have been detained on the night of Wednesday to Thursday folder illegal restitution of land in Ilfov County and on Thursday afternoon were presented to the Brasov Court of Appeal with the proposal of preventive arrest for 30 days.
DNA says that since November 2006, Remus Truică and lawyer Robert Rosu allegedly have set up a criminal group that aimed to acquire the whole property illegally claimed by Paul Lambrino (the unrecognized grandson of King Carol II, presenting himself as Prince Paul). DNA says the criminal group wanted to acquire the property claimed by Paul Lambrino by providing money / goods to the persons with the authority / institutions holding these properties.
Dan Andronic (political consultant for the PSD, then for PNL and subsequently for PDL), Marius Andrei Marcovici (personal adviser to Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu) and Lucian Mateescu (businessman with interests in real estate) had joined the criminal group in 2007-2011, DNA informs in the release.
Truica promised Paul Lambrino that he can recover the wealth, about which the prosecutors say it was illegally claimed. Truica claimed to have relationships in politics and justice at the highest level, and prosecutors say he had promised to influence the High Court through the services of a top law firm. Instead, Truica asked from Paul Lambrino between 50-80% of the value of each property to be obtained.
In his turn, Remus Truica allegedly co-opted Israeli billionaire Benjamin ‘Benny’ Steinmetz and consultants Tal Silberstein and Shimon Sheves and lawyer Robert Rosu “thus constituting a criminal group that aimed to acquire the entire property claimed by Prince Paul of Romania by deeds of corruption or assimilated to corruption, by giving money / goods to officials with the authorities / institutions holding these properties to influence their decisions, by influence trafficking on public servants,” the DNA report reads.

Prince Paul at DNA Brasov

Prince Paul of Romania (Paul Lambrino) has arrived Friday morning at DNA Brasov to be heard in the file of illegal land restitution. He had been summoned on Wednesday, but on the way to Brasov he felt sick and was hospitalized at the Emergency Hospital in Ploiesti, being released from hospital Thursday afternoon.
He made no statement before entering the DNA offices.

Dan Andronic, self-suspended. Honorary Director of ‘Evenimentul zilei’ will be Ion Cristoiu

Dan Andronic has announced that until his legal situation is clarified, he is retiring from publishing and self-suspends from the office of general director of the newspaper ‘Evenimentul Zilei’, stating that, as of Friday, honorary director will be journalist Ion Cristoiu.
Dan Andronic is the majority shareholder of the company Evenimentul and Capital, which publishes ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ and ‘Capital’ magazine and is general manager of the newspaper ‘Evenimentul Zilei’.

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