Judicial Inspection: Traian Basescu has violated justice independence

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The Judicial Inspection of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) has decided that former President Traian Basescu violated the justice independence by the statements made about the sequester of the land in Nana commune, B1 TV informs.

The Judicial Inspection report will be submitted to the CSM plenary, which will analyze the issue on Tuesday. The plenum is to decide to accept or to reject the report.

The management of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice (PICCJ) called on CSM to defend the magistrates and the Council has noticed the Judicial Inspection. PICCJ has pointed out that it is regrettable for a former president to question the independence and impartiality of prosecutors, which could affect the credibility of the judiciary.

Former President Traian Basescu wrote on March 7, on Facebook, that he is sorry for the 127 families who have agricultural land under sequester in Nana commune, land returned to the owners during 1996-2010, saying that these families bear the consequences of political actions against him.

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