Kovesi spying scandal: How did the arrested agents operate?

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The Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) has issued on Wednesday a press release stating that on April 3 Ron Weiner and David Geclowicz were arrested in this case.

Weiner is suspected of setting up an organized criminal group, illegal access to an IT system, unauthorized transfer of data, alteration of computer data integrity, through repeated, illegal operations with devices and software.

Geclowicz is suspected of committing crimes of establishing a criminal organization, complicity in illegal access to an IT system, complicity to unauthorized transfer of data, complicity in altering the integrity of computer data and complicity to illegal operations with devices and software.

“There is reasonable suspicion that in March 2016 two people occupying leadership positions in an Israeli firm, with offices in both Tel Aviv/Israel and in London/UK, along with several employees of the company, including the two defendants, Weiner Ron and Geclowicz David, have initiated and established an organized criminal group for committing several crimes or offenses of harassment and related offenses, consisting of actually making multiple phone calls with threatening and harassing character, in order to produce fear and phishing attacks, in view of stealing access credentials and subsequently to compromise the e-mail accounts, activities followed by violation of the secrecy of correspondence, copy and transfer of their content without having the right,” the DIICOT statement reads.

The investigators note that, within the group, the two suspects had precise parts and tasks outlined by the two leaders. Specifically, Weiner had been responsible for the technical-informative operations, having the necessary computer expertise, dealing with phishing attacks and with compromising the email accounts.

On the other hand, Geclowicz allegedly dealt with contacting people by phone, the family and the entourage of the targeted person, with obtaining required contact data, namely accurate e-mail addresses, which were to become the target of the cyber-attacks.

DIICOT states that the DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codruţa Kovesi , has no locus standi at this moment.

Ron Weiner and David Geclowicz were remanded on April 3.

SRI committee chairman: Romanian institutions are doing their job

Georgian Pop, the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) committee chairman with the Chamber of Deputies, said on Wednesday that the DIICOT investigation shows the institutions are doing their job.

“Every time the prosecutors deal with an investigation, the parliament’s role ceases, hence I cannot comment on the DIICOT investigation. It is very good that DIICOT is currently investigation this case, but most importantly is that Romanian institutions are doing their job and defend Romanian citizens, irrespective of the fact that it is about the DNA chief or any other citizen. They defend them from the operations conducted by private organisations from other states against their rights and liberties as Romanian citizens,” Georgian Pop said.


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