Kovesi to Europa FM: There are a lot of coincidences about the criminal case against me


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Former chief prosecutor of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), Laura Codruta Kovesi told an interview to Europa FM private radio that she hasn’t told anyone she would submit candidature for the European Prosecutor’s Office, saying she had no expectations and has neither asked for the Romanian Government’s endorsement for this procedure. The former DNA head added that she was expecting a negative campaign and a wave of fake news against her due to her bid.

In December there was the deadline for this procedure. I thought it something I would like to do. Yet, it is the first time when we have such a European institution, for prosecutors. I used to be prosecutor general , I used to be DNA head in Romania, had the highest ranking positions, it’s very hard to say that I could have still been able to change something. Yes, I can help younger generations, to contribute with my expertise to various things, but this was another type of challenge. That’s why I filed my candidature. I did not tell anyone about this candidature. Of course, I told my family, to my mother. She was happy,” Kovesi said.

She recounted that she had been encouraged by some, although there was also a stream of fake news going on. „The hearing in the EP came, the hall was full. When there are so many people out there knowing you are prosecutor coming from Romania. Mistakes have been made, but a lot of effort has been taken in the country for the anti-corruption fight. You somehow want to show that you are representing a country and that is somehow putting pressure on you. I’ve heard all kind of fake news about me having a secret team behind. The team were the people encouraging me (…) I didn’t have expectations. I have never asked for the Gov’t support. I was expecting a negative campaign against me, bu I had the chance to explain some things in the EP. That seemed to me an honest and transparent procedure, to allow the one who is being accused of bag things to explain”.

At the same time, Kovesi explained that her mission to the her bid has ended that, from now on, it will be all a political decision within the procedure of appointing the European chief prosecutor.

Laura Codruţa Kovesi, runing for the helm of the European Prosecutor’s Office, to become operational as of 2020, has got most of the votes in the EP’s LIBE committee, 26 votes. Her contenders, French Jean-François Bohnert has got 22 de votes, and Andres Ritter (Germany), only one vote.

About the summons against Kovesi to be heard by the special section for investigating magistrates and the criminal case against her, the former anti-corruption chief said there had been all kind of coincidences.

This criminal record is full of coincidences. The criminal prosecution started exactly before I was to leave for the hearing in the EP, not to mention that it was a one-year-old file. Another coincidence appeared after I had returned.”

So, I returned from the European Parliament and I god a subpoena for when? For March 7, when the EP is voting on the European chief prosecutor. A coincidence, again. I was wondering, why I haven’t been summoned for March 6, or March 8? I mean there too many coincidences”, Laura Codruța Kovesi told Europa FM.

The interview to Europa FM host, Andreea Esca, was Kovesi’s first one so far where the ex-DNA head recounted more about her life, her childhood, about her parents and grandparents, her passion for basketball and her sports performances. In a more informal part of the conversation, Kovesi admitted she would like to become a mother and that she considers that the biggest challenge in her life. Confessing her biggest regret is that she has no children, 45-year-old Kovesi said: “Maybe the only thing that remains in life after us are the children. I want a child. If it happens, very well (…) I think the job of being a parent is the most difficult one in the world. Then I will really see if I will handled it or not. These are the greatest challenges“.

Laura Codruța Kovesi also said she is admiring her female colleagues within DNA who had children, as she saw them doing a great job as mothers and as professionals, underlining that this is the reason why she doesn’t consider a child would stump her in her job.

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