Latest acquittals: JusMin suggests inventory of arrested people who have been acquitted and of the prosecutors who investigated them

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Referring to the latest acquittals (former PM Victor Ponta or ex-constitutional judge Toni Grebla) Justice Minister Tudorel Toader considers an inventory should be made of the Romanians who have “unjustly suffered following investigations and arrests”. Toader has stated on Tuesday that “we have to see the general picture”, arguing that compensations would not cover for all „the undeserved jail suffering”.

The minister claims an inventory should be made with the people who have been investigated and arrested and acquitted later on. Toader says that the names of the prosecutors in charge „of this unjust repression” should be also revealed.

Asked how he comments the latest acquittals, minister Toader reported that acquittals are normal if there is no evidence.

Is it serious that Ponta has been acquitted? It’s normal if there is no evidence. It’s very good, the justice has been served. Or Toni Grebla…But how many anonymous, innocent  people, whom we don’t know, have run the gauntlet? We have to see the general picture, not the expamples,” Toader said.

He added that compensations obtained through ECHR rulings would not compensate for the suffering of being „falsely imprisoned”.

Do you think that EUR 3,000 are covering for the suffering of three years of undeserved jail time? Of course not. Why should we have people shot against the wall for they stole or they are criminals and why shouldn’t we also know the one who did this unjust repression?” Toader concluded.

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