Liviu Dragnea’s law suit postponed two months


Liviu Dragnea’s law suit, PSD interim president, in which he and of 70 other defendants are accused of fraud in the 2012 referendum for the dismissal of President Traian Basescu, was postponed for two months (until November 23), informs.
Liviu Dragnea was PSD secretary general was the time. He was convicted by the Supreme Court to one year suspended sentence, but the DNA prosecutors appealed, arguing that the sentence is too small relative to the gravity of his actions.
DNA prosecutors claim, in the grounds of appeal submitted to the ICCJ (Supreme Court), the punishment of one year suspended sentence imposed in the ‘referendum file’ is symbolic against the gravity of the offense committed and the sentence was wrongly individualized.
Liviu Dragnea resigned in May 2015 from the position of Regional Development and Public Administration minister following the one year suspended sentence in the referendum file.
The Judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) issued the verdict on May 15 in the file Liviu Dragnea is accused, along with other 74 people, of defrauding the 2012 referendum on the dismissal of former President Traian Basescu.
Liviu Dragnea was thus sentenced to one year with suspension. The ruling was not final.

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