Man arrested for sequestering his adult daughter in a bunker


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A 70-year-old man was detained in Prahova for holding his 42-year-old daughter in a real bunker, separated from the rest of the house, on the grounds that she had a mental illness. The locals in the community are shocked: they knew absolutely nothing about the drama that the woman was experiencing in the room dug in the ground, because her father told everyone that she was settled in Canada.

The woman’s condition might have been worsened, as doctors say that isolating those suffering from such conditions aggravates their condition.

The bunker built behind the house was a source of praise for the 70-year-old pensioner, who told the locals from the Prahova commune that he wanted to be prepared for anything. The man lives in an isolated area of ​​the commune, he has very few neighbors, and the room where he kept his daughter is not on the road, but somewhere behind the yard. So no one suspected that the daughter he claimed to be in Canada was, in fact, being held hostage here.

Somehow, however, the rumors reached the local authorities that the man is keeping his daughter locked up. Faced with his own secret, the man took the social workers who knocked on his door after Christmas directly in the bunker, Digi 24 reports.

The man told the social workers that the woman could leave home and put herself in danger. The locals knew that the man’s daughter was settled in Canada.

The 70yo man, who also has American citizenship, has been charged with deprivation of liberty. His daughter has been taken over by the Social Welfare Department and is to be evaluated.

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