Man with psychiatric disorders from Arges killed five members of his family


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The man who was known with psychiatric disorders from Bascov village in Arges county has brutally murdered five relatives – his parents, sister, brother and five-year-old niece. He pleaded guilty for the murder and will undergo further psychiatric examination.

The victims were killed with stones of various sizes and other sharp objects and were found in rooms in different places, except for the mother and the little girl, a coroner said. “It’s something unimaginable, hard to believe, shocking,” said the coroner.

The gendarmes caught him in a forest, shortly after his brother-in-law discovered the manslaughter. After committing the crimes, the man went to a forest, where he allegedly tried to commit suicide.

The murders were discovered by the brother-in-law of the main suspect, who when he arrived home from work found his wife, daughter, in-laws and brother-in-law dead.

The coroner believes that the death of the victims occurred at least six hours before they were found, as it is difficult to establish a chronological order of the deaths.

“Several vascular bundles were sectioned. (…) They were all found in the rooms. It’s dramatic, and it’s really hard for me to talk. Each victim is in a different place, except for the mother and the child.I believe all five were surprised and the events I believe took place in the evening until early morning,” the coroner further said.

“I think all five of them were surprised and I think the events took place in the evening until the morning,” he added.

According to the head of the Forensic Medicine Service in Argeș, the perpetrator of the crimes is receiving treatment and has been monitored by a psychiatrist in Pitesti since 2014.

The psychiatrist said that his father usually came to take his treatment, the family not wanting to expose him. The doctor also states that the last time he saw the man was in May and that he did not think he had any change in behavior.

“The family was quite protective, probably not wanting to expose him too much. He was less communicative, the family never told me any kind of unusual behavior disorder of the patient. He was usually isolated, locked in himself (…) He must have had a very high capacity for concealment. They are specialists in this, doctor Eugen Smeureanu told Digi 24.

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