Medicine factory in Ilfov closed as it also produced drugs


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Pharmacies in Romania could run out of injectable vitamin C. The largest supplier in the country is the Ilfov factory where drugs were also produced, which has been closed following investigation.

Police officers from several European states detected the pills coming from Romania, most precisely produced by the medicine factory located on a street in Voluntari. Investigators tracked down no fewer than 97 shipments that left the gate and headed for countries like Poland or the Czech Republic where methamphetamine was manufactured.

Once the pills from Romania reached the clandestine factories, the illegal drug manufacturing process began. Precursors were converted into methamphetamine, and the final product was sold in Germany and Japan.

16 suspects have already been arrested in this case. In Romania, one of them is the factory administrator, former vice-president of the Romanian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.

“We are trying to identify if there are products in that list that could be at risk of discontinuity because of this. I think the most relevant example is vitamin C ampoules”, said Răzvan Prisada, president of ANMDM.

The investigators say that the precursors from the factory in Romania would have also reached Spain, Lithuania or Bulgaria.

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