Mihai Tanjala, former PDSR MP and founder of the intelligence service 0215, has been detained in Cayman Islands

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The Cayman Islands Justice will rule on Tuesday, December 29, on the extradition of former PDSR MEP Mihai Tanjala, one of the founders of the intelligence service 0215, who had fled Romania after being sentenced to five years in prison, hotnews.ro informs.
The authorities in the Cayman Islands were alerted after they learned that Jamaica has refused the entry on its territory of the Romanian citizen because on his name had been issued an international arrest warrant.
The court found that Tanjala has requested political asylum, but the application has been declined.
“The sentence in Romania was not for something I did, but for political reasons,” he said, through a translator. Tanjala said he fears for his life if extradited will be in Romania. The sentence was postponed to December 29.

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