Mircea B?sescu released, yet under home arrest


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Mircea B?sescu, President Traian B?sescu’s brother, trialed in the case of bribery he would  have allegedly received from the family of Bercea Mondial and in custody since June 20, will be judged while under home arrest, decided on Wednesday the Court of Appeal in Constan?a. Mircea B?sescu was released from the Capital’s Police custody and left for Constan?a, where he will be under home arrest. The President’s brother hasn’t made any statement after he got out, heading straight to one of his attorneys’ car, with whom he left for his home in Constan?a.

On Wednesday, Constan?a Court of Appeal’s magistrates have decided to lift the remand both for Mircea B?sescu and Marian C?p??în?, trialed in the same file, and the decision is final. Mircea B?sescu was in Bucharest Police custody, while Marian C?p??în? is imprisoned at the White Gate Prison. They made several requests to be trialed under judicial control or under home arrest, but each time their requests have been rejected by the Court.

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