New details in the Sosoaca-Rai Uno case


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Italian journalist Lucia Goracci, from Rai Uno gave new details from the incident where she was assaulted by the Sosoaca family. The journalists said that senator Diana Sosoaca’s husband had threatened the Romanian translator that he would “throw them all out the window.”

Although I was in Romania, I felt like I was in Syria“, Goracci confessed.

Senator Sosoaca’s husband whispered in our translator’s ear: Look what I am going to do with all four of you, I’ll throw you out the window”, Goracci told Rai Uno after she returned to Italy.

“Things have evolved in a grotesque crescendo, when we were sequestered, then when I managed to get out, for all that time I did not know what’s happening with my other three colleagues who had remained inside”, she recounted.

The Italian journalist also accused the Romanian police that, instead of defending her and her colleagues, the agents detained them at the police station for no reason, where they searched for them in search of weapons and drugs.

It simply came to our notice then. First, that attempt to manipulate the evidence. This video posted by the senator shows very clearly how, holding me, the policeman facilitated to a certain extent the aggression, my aggression by the senator’s husband “, said Goracci.

The scandal created by Diana Șoșoacă caused a media storm in Italy and led to the intervention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country, which asked for clarifications from the government in Bucharest.

Romanian Police gave explanations after the Italian journalist complained that she and her colleagues were searched for no reason. Diana Șoșoacă accused them of having drugs with them and of stealing documents from her office.

Romanian Police spokesman Georgian Dragan told a news conference on Wednesday that senator Diana Sosoaca had complained that the foreign journalists had stolen documents from her law firm and that they allegedly had drugs in their possession, aspects that were not confirmed after the checks conducted by the policemen.

According to the legal procedures in force, the police had the obligation to carry out a brief body check and also to check the luggage of the journalists, during which procedure they didn’t find the supposed stolen documents or any prohibited substances, so that the accusations resulted to be unfounded,” Georgian Dragan explained.

According to him, the checks revealed that the journalists intended to leave the office, when Diana Sosoaca seems to have closed the door and forced them to stay until the police arrived.

The Police spokesman added that in the four minutes between the moment when the Senator called 112 and until the arrival of the police, the journalists and Sosoaca had a heated discussion and that the scandal continued even after the arrival of the law enforcement officers.

“The appellant’s husband allegedly pushed and grabbed a police officer by the neck and also hit the Italian journalist. Immediately after that, after the intervention, the journalists came out on the staircase of the building, and the conflict ended,” Dragan said.

Dumitru Silvestru Sosoaca, Diana Sosoaca’s husband,  is being prosecuted by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Capital City District 1 Court, under judicial control, for assault, being accused of hitting a police officer.

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