New influence peddling charge for ex-Finance minister Valcov

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Former Finance minister Darius Valcov is prosecuted for influence peddling in a new file. He was brought from the Bucharest Police’s arrest center at the National Anti-corruption Directorate in Wednesday to hear the new charges.

Anti-corruption prosecutors accuse him of taking 10 percent commission of the value of a contract while he was senator and minister of Finance.

According to DNA, Darius Valcov asked a businessman 10 percent of the sums deriving from a contract related to sewage works in two localities in Olt County.

The RON 1.7 million payment was to be cashed by the private company represented by the businessman who ended up reporting Valcov to DNA.

The former minister asked the money in exchange of his intervention on Olt Water state company so that the private company should close that deal and receive the money in due time.

“Subsequently, Darius Valcov received RON 1.7 M through other agents, in two tranches (in September 2014 and February 2015,” reads DNA press release.

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