Old man brutally beaten on a staircase in Galati by recidivist recently released from prison on the compensatory appeal. Mounting criticism against Justice minister


The Galati Police is searching for a man that would have attacked an old man on a staircase in a block of flats in Galati with the intention rob him. The video footage with the brutal attack has been posted on Facebook. The aggressor would be a man recently released from prison based on the controversial compensatory appeal.

The repeat offender would have intended to rob the old man and has brutally beaten him right in front of the door of his apartment. The footage shows how the old man is savagely beaten even if he stops resisting anymore at some point and how the aggressor is searching the old man’s pockets. The old man is currently admitted to hospital, with fractures and concussions.

The Facebook images have stirred the locals’ revolt, asking authorities to stop the criminals’ releases from jail and to harshly punish the aggressor.

How cruel, it’s hard to see such a thing,” a local from Galati commented, while another one replied „I think it is just the start of a terrible age”.

The author of the attack has been identified, but the policemen have not caught him yet. The aggressor is a repeat offender and has been recently released from prison early based on the compensatory appeal. The footage caught by the cameras in the block of flats has been posted under the logo of the National Federation of the Penitentiaries Trade Unions.

Following intense criticism in the past weeks amid mounting attacks of the recidivists against citizens, Justice Minister defends himself, stating on Tuesday that the draft law on the compensatory appeal that left hundreds of offenders back in the street although they had been imprisoned for violent crimes is not the ministry’s fault. Toader said that the Justice Ministry had not agreed the amendments on that law and that had considered the impact study received from the National Administration of Penitentiaries.

Justice Ministry has not approved the amendments, also considering the impact study received from the National Administration of Penitentiaries. The Chamber of Deputies has extended the benefit of this draft law to other criteria. The Justice Ministry said the law in not constitutional,” minister Toader posted on Facebook.

However, the opposition parties and some representatives of the judiciary system have slammed the Justice minister. Judge Cristi Danilet, former member of the Superior Council of Magistracy, says that Minister Toader is trying to foist the responsibility for the ministry’s representative, secretary of state Mot had attended all debates and approved the amendments on the compensatory appeal law in Parliament. Danilet further says that the Justice Ministry has not filed any appeal against the law when it has been referred to the Constitutional Court. “Why has the Justice Ministry not initiated the amendment or the abrogation of the law on the compensatory appeal if it has seen its effects are devastating?“, Danilet asked.

In his turn, USR deputy Claudiu Nasui, says that minister Tudorel Toader is lying on the compensatory appeal law. Nasui asks the minister to issue an emergency ordinance to abolish the law that “allows dangerous inmates to be released from prison earlier”.

Mr. Tudorel Toader says that the law on the compensatory appeal is even unconstitutional. Wouldn’t you know? Then why PSD, ALDE and UDMR have voted the law? And moreover, why hasn’t anyone of these politicians challenged the law to the Constitutional Court in due time?“, the USR MP argues.

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