Onesti crimes: Chiefs of Bacau County Police and of Onesti Police dismissed


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The chiefs of the Bacau county police and of the Onesti Police were dismissed after the two crimes in Onesti.

A man sequestered two plasterers who were renovating an apartment and stabbed them to death after six hours during which the police forces were trying to negotiate with the aggressor. The killer was upset he had lost the apartment in court few years ago.

The Prosecutor’s Office was also notified for dereliction of duty in the intervention operation in this case, Interior Minister Lucian Bode announced.

The minister said that the deputy chief of the Bacau County Police, who was in charge at the moment of the tragedy, went on the scene with delay, he minimized the incident and no measures were taken although the aggressor had repeatedly threatened in the past past that he will resort to violent deeds to make his own justice.

The chiefs of Onesti local police are accused of having ignored the aggressor’s past, and of not properly having documented his previous complaints and threats.

At the same time, the Interior minister said that the communication of the policemen with the aggressor before the negotiator had arrived on the scene had been defective, which increased the aggressor’s irritability and that the measures taken on the scene had been deficient.


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