Over 4,800 files in progress at DNA to target high ranking officials


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Chief Prosecutor of the National Anticorruption Direction (DNA) Codru?a Laura Kovesi said over 4,800 files are pending at DNA. The cases have large, complex causes involving people with important positions who might be touched a raw nerve.

DNA chief said she will continue the pace of investigations conducted by the anticorruption prosecutors and admitted thatcauses targeting people in high positions are in progress.

“It’s the rhythm imposed for a year and a half. There are over 4,800 files in progress. (…) Our activity won’t stop, maybe just during the holidays (…). We will continue in the same rhythm, with the same efficiency, unless any legislative changes or other type of changes intervene. As long as we are allowed to do our job, we’ll do it just as well and efficiently,” said Kovesi in an interview for Ziare.com.

Referring to the recent anti-corruption offensive association with the electoral campaign, she underlined that DNA had a constant activity throughout the year.

“There was not a larger number or more complex files handled precisely during the electoral campaigns. During the campaign for the EP we were accused that we have left the engine relaxed, although the number of investigated cases was approximately the same from February to May. So it was not true. Now we were accused that we have accelerated. It’s just a matter of perception. I can give you statistics. DNA has had most actions in June and July, when there wasn’t any campaign. On June 4 we had 11 actions in one day, as we had on May 28. We are not setting up when the whistleblowers are coming to us, when is being taken bribe, when the auctions are being rigged. The actions are triggered solely on the basis of evidence and of undertaken investigations,” said the chief prosecutor.

On the other hand, Kovesi admitted that there is a permanent concern related to possible legislative changes regarding DNA competences and organization.

The value of Microsoft and EADS contracts exceeds EUR 1 billion
Kovesi also said that the value of EADS and Microsoft contracts investigated in this case exceeds one billion euros, explaining “there are ministries which appear in both files”.

“We are in the process of evaluation. The value of EADS and Microsoft contracts exceeds one billion euros. It doesn’t mean that this is also the prejudice. We will set it after we set the real value of the contracts. In the case of Microsoft licenses, the amount the prosecutors suspected as being object of bribery and influence peddling is around EUR 60 million, but the prejudice is still under evaluation. (…) Most people who have signed contracts regarding the Microsoft licenses may also appear in the EADS case, there are ministries that appear in both sides, as signatories of the contracts or contributors to their conclusion. Therefore, the files are being conducted together,” said the head of DNA for Ziare.com.

Regarding the EADS file, the chief prosecutor argued that almost daily activities have been undertaken in this case.

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