Policeman calls… Police to report his wife is beating him

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A policeman from Prahova has called 112, Romanian’s emergency number, to ask for his colleagues’ help, claiming his wife is hitting him during a domestic dispute.

The police officers opened a criminal file and issued a protection order for five days.

Sources within the investigation said that the incident had occurred in Floresti village on Thursday night, when a policeman, hired at the police precinct at Filipeștii de Pădure, has called 112 to report his wife is violent.

Sources say the two have embarked on a fight and the woman started to hit the man, to slap and punch him. Their 16-year-old daughter witnessed the fight and tried to intervene, but she was also shoved by her mother.

To prevent an escalating conflict, the policeman preferred to call the Police and ask for his colleagues’ intervention.

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