Policeman in Bucharest failed to intervene in emergency mission for he ‘was plucking his eyebrows’


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A policeman from Bucharest failed to intervene in an emergency mission early this year for he was at a cosmetic saloon to pluck his eyebrows, Digi24 reported. The Capital Police is probing into the case.
The fact was discovered precisely by the police agent’s superiors when they had to intervene in an emergency situation. The police agent was ratted by an employee of the cosmetics saloon.
The gendarme who was attending the joint patrol mission confirmed the information. The gendarme drafted a report to explain the situation, and the police agent from the 23 Police Precinct is now investigated by his superiors.
The police agent would have lied in the report made at the end of his shift and said he was not in any cosmetic saloon, but an employee of that saloon revealed the policeman had come to her for plucking his eyebrows that evening.
The incident took place early this year.

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