Prosecutor General: Checks to be conducted on SRI notifications for prosecutors

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Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar has told Digi 24 on Friday that checks will be conducted on how the SRI notifications on disinfectants and Hexi Pharma were used by prosecutors.

Lazar said that there was information forwarded to state authorities, some to several prosecutor offices and that “we are in an evaluation phase in which we compare how the information was used.” Some were delivered to DNA, others to the prosecutors’ offices in the territory, he added.

“We would like to take a picture if the information were used in some cases that have been investigated,” said the Prosecutor General.

Lazar said he wanted to clarify “how many of these notifications included the company” (Hexi Pharma – our note).

He also said that checks will be made “not necessarily referring to disinfectants” but also to drugs and specific products, because there are many companies that supplied medical products and services and we need to see whether they were connected.”


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