Prosecutor General: Damages in Hexi Pharma file reach RON 70m

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The damages in Hexi Pharma file have now reached RON 70 million (approx. EUR 15.6 million – our note) as 280 hospitals have set up civil parties, Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar said on Thursday.

“The criminal investigation has evolved in this file and we are able to say that there are set about 280 civil parties, hospitals. The damage, as structured, amounts to RON 70 million at the moment. We will see how it will further delineate a file section that can be solved within a reasonable period,” said Augustin Lazar.

In the file the general manager of Hexi Pharma, Flori Dinu, is investigated, being accused of 99 offenses of deception in repeated form, 29 offenses of deception and inappropriate participation in preventing disease control.

Mihai Leva, Head of Production with Hexi Pharma, is being investigated under judicial control for complicity in the crime of inappropriate participation in preventing disease control, in repeated form.

In parallel, DNA prosecutors are investigating corruption activities related to Hexi Pharma, Dan Condrea’s wife being investigated as well as the general manager of the company, Flori Dinu.

Anti-corruption prosecutors are investigating alleged corruption offenses in the Hexi Pharma file such as abuse of office, bribery and money laundering, judiciary sources said on June 2. The in rem criminal prosecution has been initiated for these charges on May 11.

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