Prosecutor general: The level of damage in Hexi Pharma file is to be assessed

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Prosecutor general Augustin Lazar said on Tuesday, while at the offices of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) that, following the analysis of the documents seized from hospitals, it is to be assessed “the level of damage” in the Hexi Pharma file. Lazar added that the investigation is ongoing.

“As I said, there are a large number of documents seized from some 300 medical units and they are under analysis in order to clarify the level of damage. We can’t mention at the moment a certain level of damage,” Lazar said.

The Prosecutor general stressed an analysis on hospitals is also ongoing and that it will reveal “which products have been diluted, what degree of efficiency they had and, consequently, which hospitals will be set as civil parties.”

Augustin Lazar said the technical expertise is in progress and it will be completed in July.

Anti-corruption prosecutors are investigating alleged corruption offenses in the Hexi Pharma file such as abuse of office, bribery and money laundering, judiciary sources told local news agencies on June 2. The in rem criminal prosecution has been initiated for these charges on May 11.


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