Prosecutors investigate case of illegal building permits released by the former Bucharest City Hall administration

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The Prosecutor’s Office upon the District 1 Court has started criminal prosecution against eight persons charged with several forgery deeds, for aiding and abetting and for carrying out construction works that lacked building permits.

Illegal building permits released by the Capital City Hall’s Urbanism department are investigated, with housing blocks built in Bucurestii Noi and Chitila district being targeted.

Prosecutors say that these new blocks of flats were being erected without having building permits, while the reception works being done by taking out documents from the file and replacing them by false ones.

According to the prosecution, two defendants in the case determined members of the reception committee consisting of employees of the Bucharest City Hall, specialists and experts of the State Construction Inspectorate to falsely certify that the construction works had been done according to the building permit although the works were not concluded.

To get away with the criminal prosecution, two defendants would have made other people to take out building permit documents from the Bucharest City Hall and to replace them by other forged ones.

“A woman, executive director within the Urbanism Department of the Bucharest City Hall has showed the forged documents replaced in the building permit files”, the case prosecutors said.

The bailout for those 8 defendants to be investigated under judicial control is RON 775,000.

The building permits were issued during the time of the old administration of the Bucharest Municipality.

The current general mayor Nicusor Dan said that the city hall will collaborate with the Police and will give investigators all documents required within the searches that took place including at the Bucharest City Hall’s HQs the other days.

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