Protest in front of a school in Bucharest after a primary school student was allegedly raped twice in the toilet


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Dozens of parents protested on Monday morning in front of the “Nicolae Titulescu” School in Bucharest after information appeared in the public space that a boy, student from the primary classes was raped twice in the toilet of the educational institution, reports Antena 3, television that presented this shocking case.

The parents who came to the protest said that they are afraid to leave their children in classes and are urgently waiting for answers from the school principal, after the parents of a boy who is now 10 years old complained that he was raped twice in the school toilet.

In the first case, the alleged rapist was only 11 years old, and the victim was 8 years old. The case was dismissed, however, because the rapist was too young to face criminal charges, writes the cited source, adding that those in the management of the educational unit would have covered up everything externally, and in the school, the victim became the target of bullying. Precisely because everyone knew he was the raped little boy in the toilet. That’s how he ended up being raped a second time, his mother said, a year and a few months after the first assault.“He was raped twice! Twice, not once! Twice! The first time he was 8 years old when he was abused. It was class zero,” said the child’s mother.
The mother also said on Monday how she found out about the assault. She accused the school management of not calling the police and, moreover, reproached them for not reporting the rape immediately, but only on June 10, when she was on vacation.
After this case became known in the public space, the “Nicolae Titulescu” school reacted with a statement in which it says that it has provided the competent bodies with all the necessary information and carried out internal investigations. “When we were notified of the possibility of abuse against a student, by another student of the school, we made available to the competent bodies, from the first moment, absolutely all the information necessary to clarify the situation. From the perspective of our institution and our legal prerogatives, we also carried out internal investigations, in the spirit of maximum transparency and the sincere desire to clarify all aspects. In the judicial procedure, the first file was closed in 2022. Later, another complaint to the competent bodies, regarding the same student, led to the opening of another file, which is ongoing.

We note that for legal and procedural reasons, as well as to protect the privacy of the students potentially involved, until the official conclusions of an investigation, we have considered it appropriate to have discretion regarding the case, not assuming the risk of psycho-emotional trauma or exclusion for any child enrolled in our school,” the school said in a statement.

The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Education Sorin Ion and the general school inspector of Bucharest declared in front of the parents that they only found out about the situation today. Sorin Ion stated that the ministry was not notified of these facts neither in 2022 nor now: “The ministry should have been notified, having no information from here, we learn it today from you”.
In his turn, the school inspector general Vlad Drinceanu stated that he self-referred after the first information about this case appeared on Friday. The School Inspectorate only received an official referral from the school on Monday morning, at 8:50, he said.

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  1. Panagiotis Spyridis says

    Shocking. Parents should step it up and act more fiercely.

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