Record damages in Chiliman file: EUR 670m! The mayor’s goods seized

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DNA prosecutors have laid sequester on Monday on the properties of  District 1 mayor Andrei Chiliman and on the properties of the other three suspects involved in this file, trying to recover the record damage – EUR 670 million, informs.

The damage in this case has grown from about EUR 10 million to EUR 670 million, money that investigators hope to recover from the wealth of the four suspects cashed as “commissions” taken from contracts with the District 1 City Hall during 2006-2015.

Contract whereby Vlad Moisescu’s mother in law lent EUR 670m to her daughter, found during searches

Investigators discovered, during the searches conducted last week at Vlad Moisescu’s home, a contract whereby the mother in law of the former treasurer of the PNL was lending no less than EUR 670 million to her daughter, judicial sources told Mediafax.

According to judicial sources, this contract was considered suspect by investigators considering the charges against Vlad Moisescu.

Fairy tales?

The local councillor Ion Brad, investigated by DNA Ploiesti prosecutors alongside District 1 mayor Andrei Chiliman, said on Monday, referring to the damage of the file, that these are ‘some inventions’.

“I think the Grimm brothers are extremely jealous of DNA. These are inventions,” said Brad, asked to comment on the amount of EUR 670 million DNA envisages in this case.

Asked whose inventions are these, Ion Brad said he doesn’t know, but one can talk about “political interests”. “That’s what I wonder. There can be political interests,” he said while leaving the DNA offices.

Asked if deemed guilty, the local councillor said ‘no’.

One week ago

District 1 Mayor Andrei Chiliman was arrested last Thursday by DNA prosecutors after more than four hours of hearings, in the same file in which he is accused of influence peddling with Iulian Hertanu, brother in law of Prime Minister Victor Ponta. Then he was placed under judicial control.

Searches by anticorruption prosecutors were conducted on Thursday at the town hall, judicial sources saying the mayor is suspected of influence peddling in the case of Iulian Hertanu, brother in law of Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

Judicial sources told local media that mayor Chiliman, along with his personal adviser Ioana Costescu and former PNL’s treasurer Vlad Octavian Moisescu allegedly have arranged with businessman Gheorghe Boeru so that the latter’s company to obtain a contract with the District 1 Town Hall for asphalt works and building rehabilitation works. According to this deal, RON 300,000 would have been paid at the District 1 Mayor’s Office in the summer of 2012. Investigators claim the money have been divided as such: Andrei Chiliman allegedly took 30 percent, Vlad Moisescu, Ioana Costescu and Ion Brad (local councilor) 15 percent each and the National Liberal Party Districy 1 branch-10 percent. The difference of 15 percent would have been used to pay other clerks.

DNA Ploiesti has heard Andrei Chiliman, and three others. Chiliman was picked up from Henry Coanda airport when he arrived in the country from Brussels. Asked to comment the charges, Chiliman said “I have never done such things.”

Andrei Chiliman, member of the National Liberal Party, is at his third term as District 1 mayor, since 2004.

PM Ponta’s brother in law Iulian Hertanu is accused of setting up an organized criminal group and for European funds embezzlement. In the same file other persons are investigated including MPs Sebastian Ghita, Vlad Cosma and the Prahova County Council President Mircea Cosma, accused of supporting the criminal group.

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