Resigning Romanian Police chief, suspect in a corruption case


Only one day after he has resigned from the helm of the Romanian Police, former chief Catalin Ionita was seen at the National Anti-corruption Directorate’s main office in Bucharest on Wednesday, stating he had been subpoenaed to come for hearings as a suspect. Ionita argued the had resigned from the Police helm to avoid hurting the image of the institution.

„I was informed I was a suspect and immediately after that I considered it’s my duty to take a step back to protect the ministry’s and the Romanian Police’s image, considering it’s a matter of dignity and professional honour. I have no problem at all with the charges. All I have done has been in compliance with the ethics and the law. I will go to the great lengths to prove my innocence and good faith and to protect the image of the Romanian Police and of my colleagues, which does not deserve to be driven into the ground,” Ionita stated.

Interior Minister Carmen Dan said she has nothing to reproach Catalin Ionita. „It was a personal request to end his mandate as chief of Police. I cannot comment or speculate on the criminal case,” the Interior minister said a day ago.

PM Dancila replaced Ionita on Tuesday and a new chief was announced. 

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