Romanian fired in Spain shot three former co-workers, one police officer


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The Spanish city of Tarragona was on alert on Tuesday, after a Romanian shot three former colleagues from the security company where he had been fired, as well as a policeman who tried to stop him. The Spanish media reported that the police negotiated with him for two hours, in order to convince him to surrender, but he would have refused, and the police opened fire, the Romanian also being injured.

The man’s three former colleagues are in serious condition. The Romanian was also injured, after being shot by police in the arms and one leg, being taken by a helicopter and taken to a hospital in Barcelona. The shot policeman is in stable condition.

The Romanian, Marin Eugen Sabău, aged 45, entered the security company in Tarragona on Tuesday, at 11.15, from where he had been fired a few months ago, according to the Spanish press. Witnesses say there was an argument between him and three former colleagues, and the Romanian shot them in the chest and stomach. The three – two men and a woman – are in serious condition.

Investigators say Sabău carried out his plan after having sent several threatening e-mails to his former colleagues, along with photos of firearms, bullets and knives. After shooting his former colleagues, the gunman fled.

Several police crews were mobilized, and the assailant also injured a police officer while trying to escape. “He is a very dangerous person because of his attitude and the amount of weapons he had,” said Tarragona Police Chief Josep Maria Estela. Police sources said the man had at least three weapons on him.

According to the quoted sources, the police negotiated for two hours with the man, who had taken refuge in an abandoned building, and because he did not surrender, they opened fire. The Romanian was shot three times, without his vital organs being touched. He was fled by helicopter to a hospital in Barcelona.

The Minister of Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, thanked the police officers who managed to catch the Romanian, whom he said was “extremely violent”.

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