Romanians arrested in Spain for robbing tourists


Five Romanians have been arrested in Alicante for carrying out numerous thefts. Their favourite targets were foreign tourists on the coast of Spain. Police officers were looking for these Romanians because they used to rob during summer and in the rest of the year they were hiding in Romania. The authorities found them on Facebook, where the Romanians boasted with the money obtained in Spain, reports.

The police raided two houses where the five Romanian lived, being accused of numerous thefts throughout the Mediterranean coast. Following the searches, the police found dozens of watches, jewellery, sunglasses, mobile phones and stolen clothes.

The group was well organized, using rented cars with fake documents from other European countries and robbed foreign tourists in gas stations and in car parking lots at malls and airports.

After a few hits, the group members disappeared a few weeks, then in late summer they went back to Romania.

Investigators have discovered them on Facebook, where the thieves boasted with property acquisitions and having luxury cars. As a result, many young people in Romania were interested to join the organization.

Among the Romanians’ victims there were Arab tourists from North Africa crossing Spain for northern Europe.


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